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Frogs are among the list of animals that are most threatened on earth. However, it takes a courageous group of individuals to stand out and take responsibility for the well-being of these amphibians. For that cause there arose the development of a frog awareness day in a quest to save the endangered frogs and also improve their habitations for more visit hoosier herpetological society. If you are really wondering if frogs are worthy of anyone’s attention, here are reasons to have frog awareness day that will make you understand their worth.

Why frog awareness day

Environmental sensitivity

When it comes to determining the environmental conditions of a particular region, frogs have expert ability on that. They can be able to determine a healthy environment from a poor health habitation. You will find thfrogat frogs are normally highly populated in areas with good environmental conditions and in very low numbers in the unhealthy environments. Scientists can determine the environmental condition of a specific area by observing a frog’s behavior in that region.

Control of insects

If the insect population around water bodies is not controlled it can be such a menace to the surrounding environment. Since these insects are a prey to the frogs, they help play an important role in controlling insect population in water bodies. This way the frogs get to play their ecosystem role while still acting as a pest control agent in the environment.

Medicinal world

Many people can find it hard to believe that frogs are used widely in the medical world for research purposes. The most honorable prizes obtained from medical research had frogs as part of their study. Moreover, there is a further ongoing research on the skin secretions produced by frogs to find out how they can be of benefit to the human body.

Keeping water bodies clean

We all love to see our water bodies clean and clear at all times. When in the toad pole stage, frogs feed on water algae, in turn, helping to keep the water bodies clean and algae free.

Survival means

If frogs stop existing, it means that some of the species we love may starve to death. Frogs are usually a tasty prey for birds,fish and snakes. This means that for the survival of these species we need to take care of frog’s habitations.

Cultural significance

For some cultures a frog is not just any other amphibian, it possesses a special connotation. For instance in Japan frogs signify good luck; in ancient Egypt, they are a sign of fertility while elsewhere among the Native Americans a frog is termed as a Rain god.


frogFrogs are an important part of the menu of some homes. Today frog’s legs are a delicacy in some parts of the world including the United States and France.

The frog awareness day is quite important because it makes people aware of the important role that frogs play in our environment. That way people are able to endeavor creating a less endangered environment for them at a personal level. If you want to see these special species not blown out of existence, give yourself a responsibility of creating frog awareness to your friends.


Fiberglass pools are a type of in-ground pools. They are factory molded and ready to insert and only require being transported to the required location to begin the installation process. A property owner can either do the installation by themselves DYI or hire a contractor to handle the project. Below is a guide to fiberglass pools.

Guide To Fiberglass Pools

ExplainedFiberglass Pools

Fiberglass is a robust and sturdy, lightweight material that is constructed by weaving tiny glass threads into fabric. A special polyester resin is then added to harden the material. For a smooth and glossy finish, the manufacturers add a weather resistant gel to the fiberglass pools shell. These pools are manufactured molds in varying shapes and sizes that ready to be insulted onto the particular location. They are transported as a whole one piece and not in pieces so we can say that they are a huge bathtub.


Fiberglass pools come in a variety of designs. They are made in any shape or size that best suit the client. However, the difference in the shape and design will increase the costs. It is important for the property owner to understand the size they require before planning a swimming pool and purchasing one. There are basics features to every fiberglass design such pool seats and steps, built in. Hence one does not have to construct an additional stairway. Some will have a sundeck, coves and benches configurations. Other features may include lighting, a waterfall, and hot tub feel can be added to make the pool suit your need. If one is looking to have a customized fiberglass swimming pool, then they may need to add a few extra dollars to achieve their desired design. However, to get a budget-friendly cost, it is wise to look for a standard design.

Installation of the pool

Once one has chosen a design and the fiberglass pool is ready. It is transported to the designated location. Ideal the at the site the soil should have been excavated to leave a pit where the fiberglass mold can be placed in. The shell is positioned in the hole, and the construction work begins. This will include plumbing and filter system, backfilling the pool mold the coping and decking. One can also decide to put a swimming pool fence. This installation may take three to six weeks depending on the size and design of the fiberglass pool.


Fiberglass PoolsFiberglass pools are so popular for the require very little maintenance. Because of their finishing, they have a stable pH level and minimal growth of algae. This makes the maintenance affordable.

Building and Construction