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Our front door in our house serves as the primary entrance to our home. Unfortunately, it is also used by unauthorized individuals to gain access to our dwelling. Sometimes, they comfortably get through open doors unnoticed, destroy locks, or in some cases, can explode doors. With the increasing number of home burglaries, we really need to level up our security measures in our homes to combat crimes targeted particularly at residential structures and business establishments.

One of the security devices that homes and business establishments should acquire is a driveway alarm. It will not only be used as a doorbell, but more importantly, it gives you live streaming of what is happening in your front yard. It will not only provide you with information on who is coming, but you can be the guardian angel of your kids while they are playing in your driveway. Indeed, driveway alarms are crucial for security and safety in our homes.

When selecting the right driveway alarm, nothing beats when trusting the experts who have top-notch knowledge on home security and safety. It truly helps if you look for a reliable website that offers honest and competent reviews on home security devices. Safenow.org buying guide is a comprehensive review of leading security devices that you should not miss when searching for professional advice on security and safety devices.


Leading brands of security alarms all have their downsides. You should ask for advice from the experts in which brands do not have the following common drawbacks.

Bugs in the System

Security alarm brands can have their own software defects or security bugs. It may be impossible to find a device that does not have any downsides. It is best to find a security alarm that has the least software defects. Security bugs can provide vulnerabilities on your security measures because they can be used by intruders to gain access to your home.

Unreliable Sensors

The best driveway alarm should capture images clearly and detect motion excellently. If one of these is absent, you may not be getting the most of your security device. You should ask the experts on which brand has the best resolution and motion detection capabilities without giving you false alarms.

Fragile Form

driveway security alarm and cameraWe all want our security devices to withstand any form of beatings. It should not be easily damaged by the change of weather or when your toddler accidentally hits it with a ball. When a driveway security alarm is not durable, you can expect it to bog down anytime. All security devices in our homes should be durable to serve their purpose for the longest time.

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